Responsible and Generous Living in Early Adulthood

But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents. – Mark 12:42

About Jon and Krista


We are the Maronis – Krista and Jon.

We met six years ago at George Fox University in Newberg OR while serving as student ministry leaders. Our passion for Jesus and people was well matched and we decided serving side by side in ministry was something we could do our entire lives. We were married three years later in Portland, OR.

Jon is a youth pastor at 2nd Street Community Church and spends his time hanging out with middle school and high school students, directing a middle school camp in the summer and spending time in local schools getting to know kids familiar and unfamiliar with Jesus and the church.

Krista is a full time graduate student, part time administrative assistant at the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends,  board member for Love Inc Newberg and a volunteer mentor in Love Inc’s weekly relational ministry program.

We share a passion for helping people and reflecting to them the Christ that shines in their character, talents and relationships. We love watching the process of a community working together to live richly.

We chose this life and we love this life.


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